Category: Weapons

However martial arts are not usually associated with using weapons, they are part of some martial arts. Actually in the history weapons were quite common in most of the martial arts, but nowadays they are being used rare. They are more like antiquarians that is a part of culture, not actual weapons; however it is still possible to learn how to use them in some training.

All martial arts weapons can be divided into two categories – bladed and non-bladed. Bladed weapons have either sharpened edge for slicing or sharp point for stabbing. Non-bladed weapons are used to stun the opponent. Although martial arts are mostly meant for self defense all the weapons used are very dangerous. Here is a list of some of the most popular weapons used in martial arts.

Kama or sickle is a fighting blade with attached chain that comes from Japan. Originally this instrument was used for cutting the grass. As it was very sharp appropriate for fast movements, later it was turned into a dangerous weapon. It was used for both, self defense and attacking. Nowadays this weapon is widely used in martial art demonstrations to show blocking techniques.

Nunte is very old weapon that originally was used as a fishing tool. It is similar to harpoon, only the head of it looks like a cross with sharp tips. The weapon can be used in many ways. For example, it can be used for the protection as a simple stick or for stabbing because of its sharp tips. The usage of this weapon might seem easy, but actually it takes some knowledge in martial arts.

Bo is one of the most common weapons in martial arts. Basically it is simple stick. Probably anyone has seen some demonstrations of martial artists when they spin and twirl bo. Some of these weapons have sharp tips for stubbing, but mostly they are used for the protection. They are perfect for blocking other weapons or attackers.

Sai is another weapon that has been seen in many movies and demonstrations. It looks like a pitchfork. Some believe that they actually have created by the design of simple pitchfork, but they are bigger and sharper. That is meant for stubbing the opponent and also to defense from swords. In Japan these weapons are still widely used in martial arts.

Naginata is like a knife with attached stick. The knife itself is jagged for better stubbing and cutting. The stick is needed for the distance. Attacker can stab the opponent even when he is meter away. They were widely used in wars, because they can be used while riding a horse. Also these weapons are still used in Japanese athletic programs and martial art demonstrations.

Katana is traditional Japanese sword. Also these you have probably seen before. Typical image of samurai definitely includes this king of weapon. Katana is used just like any other sword – for slicing and stubbing, but it is sharper and meant for faster movements.