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Many parents don’t want their children to learn how to fight, because they are afraid that it might influence them negatively and they might become aggressive and willing to hurt others. However in martial arts there really are practiced some fighting, this opinion is more than just wrong. Martial arts have a lot deeper meanings and they can give so many benefits and teach your children many useful lessons that they would not get otherwise like to be patient and don’t take out various loans

First reason is to simply get some activities. Martial arts just like any other sport are a physical activity that ensures improvements of overall health. Nowadays also overweight among children is a huge problem. If the children train in martial arts than you can be sure he will be fit and healthy. Of course, others sports provides active lifestyle as well but martial arts are unique. There are both cardiovascular trainings and muscle trainings included so there won’t be need to look for other activities.

Also your child will learn some much needed discipline. Like it was mentioned above, martial arts are not all about fighting. It requires enormous discipline to become real martial artist. In some martial arts there is even mediation included and most of the focus is put on mental not physical strength. Martial artists spend many hours by only learning how to focus and finding his weakness. They can sit still and silent for many hours and your child will be able to do it as well. That is every parents dream to make the children disciplined and focused and martial arts can really make that happen.

Learning how to fight is also good and useful if the child knows how to use this skill, but it is important to use this skill for good not for bad. Many parents think that it will only teach how to be violent, but that is not true. The base of each martial art is self defense and that is being thought in martial art lessons. Your child will be able to protect himself in any situation. That doesn’t mean he will be the one who starts the fight and attacks. Also safety of the kids is something that every parent wishes for and there is no better way how to ensure that than learning practicing in martial arts.

Martial arts also will give your child some confidence and self respect. Nothing gives as much confidence and self beleif as knowing that you are strong and powerful. Your kids won’t be so afraid anymore and will know that they are able to do something by themselves. If your child will respect himself, also others will give some respect.

At the conclusion I want to say that parents really shouldn’t be afraid to let their child to practice martial arts lessons. First of all it really is not only about kicking and punching. It is about knowing and using your strengths and opponents weakness. If you want to avoid any kind of physical fighting you can choose low impact martial arts that focus more on discipline and state of mind, but if your child is interested in martial arts, let him practice.


If you have ever wished to learn martial arts, but haven’t done it only because of lack of finances or marital art instructor, you can try to learn them by yourself as well. It will definitely be a lot harder ad will require a lot more self control and willpower, but it is possible. Just follow these steps.

First you must start with setting your mind. Martial arts are not only about fighting, but also about strict discipline, focus and mental strength. Also in real martial art classes you should start with mind set. The best way how to do it is by reading some good books. Go to the library and find some books written by real martial artists. In these books you will find very detailed descriptions how to change the way you think and how to learn controlling your own mind.

Next step is choosing specific type of martial art or at least one category; otherwise you will mess up everything. Also that can be done by using some literature sources. Get familiar with all the categories and types of martial arts and choose the one that is the most appropriate for your physical abilities and desires.

When you know what exactly you want, you have to start practicing. The best way of course would be to take at least few martial art classes, because then you could see how it all looks in real life, but if that is not possible, you can do it differently. Just go to YouTube and find some demonstrations or trainings. Internet is fool of instructions and even full training programs. Just make sure they are made by real martial artists not some beginners. Practice as often as you can. Search for different trainers and training programs until you understand all the basics.

When you know what it is all about and how to make some dangerous moves, you must develop your skills to perfection. You can devote the whole weak for one single movement if it’s necessary, but make sure you are doing everything just perfect.

When you think you are ready, look for an opponent and training partner. Martial arts need two people to be practiced. You can find your opponent in internet forums or real martial art classes. Only training together will let you understand the real meaning of martial arts.

If you want to become a true master, don’t stop to one type of martial arts. Learn some other as well. Start the same way – with simple trainings of each movement. Later develop your skills and practice with other martial artists to become a professional.

Of course if you train by yourself, no one will give you certificate and belts that prove your abilities, but if you want to learn martial arts to develop your mental and physical strength and to gain some self esteem no to prove something to others, you can definitely do it.